About Longhorn Jerky Company

The History of Longhorn Jerky Company
Longhorn Jerky Company was founded in January, 2002. The owner, a former University of Texas student, has enjoyed the taste of beef jerky for most of his lifetime. In his search for “the ultimate jerky”, he would travel around the vast highways of Texas, always stopping at cities and towns which sold local varieties of jerky. Some businesses offered interesting and flavorful types of jerky, others were entirely disappointing.

In the Beginning
The owner began making jerky for himself and his friends in 1991. He tried several different spices, marinades, and cuts of meat. He studied the history and science of making jerky. After a long research and development process, he finalized the “original” Longhorn Jerky recipe. The owner, now equipped with the knowledge of how to make the perfect batch of jerky, had no intention of making a business out of it. His friends and family, however, ate the jerky as fast as he could make it. It became apparent that his passion for jerky perfection could turn into more than a hobby. Like so many incidental entrepreneurs, he decided to share his jerky with the rest of the world … and the response has been incredible!

Don’t Trust Roadside Jerky Vendors
The owner of Longhorn Jerky once stopped by a roadside jerky vendor that had a Texas flag flying. Accompanied by his girlfriend, they decided to try two different flavors that the merchant had to offer. They sampled the jerky, swallowed the awful concoctions, and looked at each other in disgust. Then his girlfriend noticed the product was made in Utah! Later, when they returned on the same road and discovered the vendor was still there, the jerky packages were kindly returned to the vendor at 55 miles an hour.

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