Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so special about jerky?
Jerky is probably the most convenient food ever produced by humans. It requires no refrigeration, no eating utensils, no napkins, and is easily transportable. Modern life demands that people eat on the run. Jerky is the perfect food for a fast-paced lifestyle. Native Americans probably introduced jerky to the rest of the world, but many different cultures have been drying meats for centuries. The Longhorn Jerky Company, with great respect to previous cultures, will keep the jerky tradition alive.

How is Longhorn Jerky’s product different than other so-called “jerky” products?
The cut of meat is one of the most important factors in making jerky. Most companies use cheap cuts of meat either sliced thin or chopped and formed into strips. Longhorn Jerky uses only the most flavorful and tender cut of meat. The meat is hand-carved by a human, not machine-made. The meat is then soaked (under pressure) with a special marinade, consisting of the finest spices and sauces. The recipe for the marinade is a closely-guarded secret, and with good reason.

What is the nutritional value of Longhorn Jerky?
Longhorn Jerky is almost entirely made of quality protein. Very little fat or calories are present in a serving. The low-moisture content and natural preservatives from the marinade keep the product fresh for many days. Other types of mass-produced “jerky” can contain ingredients and preservatives that keep it “fresh” for years. Yuk!

Where can I buy Longhorn Jerky?
Longhorn Jerky is available through the website, and will soon be available at stores, sporting events, and other venues. Click here for ordering information.

Where is Longhorn Jerky located?
Longhorn Jerky is located in Austin, Texas, one of the most enjoyable places to live in the country. The company is dedicated to helping the Austin community. Although the owner of the company is a former student, the company is not directly affiliated with the University of Texas at Austin, the Texas Longhorns.

How should jerky be stored?
Jerky should be kept at room temperature in its original package or inside a sealed container. Keep jerky away from moisture.

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